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Construction Video Pros is owned and operated by Seth Fargher. Seth has been working in the digital space for more than a decade and specializes in using photography and videography to tell a brand's story. With a background in power-sports journalism, Seth has spent the last decade curating content for companies in a variety of industries and is never afraid to jump in and get dirty.

In 2019, Seth recognized a growing need in the construction industry to update it's image. Construction used to be known as the thing you do when you can't do anything else. That reputation is changing and companies are working harder and harder to foster a culture as well as a reputation, where people actually want to build a career.

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Part of that change is an updated image. Companies who wish to attract good talent or be perceived as the authority in their field need to maintain a professional image. Where many companies have little to no online presence (or worse, an inaccurate one), Seth uses compelling imagery and produced video to craft a companies story and ensures anyone vetting them online gets the full and accurate picture.

Marketing is foreign concept to many construction companies today. The rationale is that they've done business a certain way, from referrals or a handshake, why should they do anything different? In short, because times change.

Our world is becoming increasingly digital as more and more people begin their search online. For a service. For a supplier. For a job.

Our goal is that anyone searching for one of our partners online would be so excited by what they find, they wouldn't dream of working with anyone else.

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